PIMMAG Contact Number (Hotline)

+6019-3500 197

General Manager

+6019-3131 631

Head of Operations & Training Manager

+6012-601 6813

Oil Spill Coordinator (OSC)

Please note that: Response services are FREE for Members. Non-members are required to sign a Non-member User Agreement & provide a Bank Guarantee.

PIMMAG Call-out

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Most sophisticated equipment would be ineffective without competent personnel. PIMMAG recognizes this and conducts eight OSR courses per annum for its members. These course are compatible with IMO models and ranges from Operator, Inland, Supervisory (SCAT Included) and Management levels. Beside the published courses, customized OSR Courses to suit member’s needs are also conducted.

From the practical aspects, PIMMAG also conducts OSR exercises for its members, be it actual deployment or table-top communication exercises. To meet the public expectations, OSR conference and seminar are organized to share OSR knowledge and network amongst the industries.