PIMMAG Contact Number (Hotline)

+6019-3500 197

General Manager

+6019-3131 631

Head of Operations & Training Manager

+6012-601 6813

Oil Spill Coordinator (OSC)

Please note that: Response services are FREE for Members. Non-members are required to sign a Non-member User Agreement & provide a Bank Guarantee.

PIMMAG Call-out

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Callout Form (A, B, C, D)  - for Standby, Mobilisation, Termination and Transfer.


New member registration form + Oil Spill Exposure Volume (OSEV) data form - for New Member Registration



b) OSEV Form


Course registration form - to register for Course Training


Riverine Cleanup Assessment Technique (RICAT) Form + Sketch Map


a) RICAT Form

b) Sketch Map


Non Member User Agreement - A documented process and terms of reference and conditions for non-member of PIMMAG to call-out for any oil spill.