PIMMAG Contact Number (Hotline)

+6019-3500 197

General Manager

+6019-3131 631

Head of Operations & Training Manager

+6012-601 6813

Oil Spill Coordinator (OSC)

Please note that: Response services are FREE for Members. Non-members are required to sign a Non-member User Agreement & provide a Bank Guarantee.

PIMMAG Call-out

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Petroleum Industry of Malaysia Mutual Aid Group (PIMMAG) is a non-profit organisation formed in December 1993. PIMMAG is established to enhance the protection of the environment through the provision of pooled resources in order to respond to oil spill contingencies arising in Malaysia and Malaysian waters, including the EEZ. Its major shareholders are the oil companies operating in Malaysia . However, any company with oil related activities is also eligible to join as a member.


To be an organization of Excellence that is committed to Oil Spill Response & Training for our Members


  • Oil Spill Response is our core business
  • We are non-profit organization
  • We operate on a 24/7 basis
  • We do not compromise on HSE
  • We contribute to the environment's wellbeing



A Board of Directors governs PIMMAG with the overall responsibility to ensure that the objectives below are met:  

  • To contract for manpower, equipment, facilities, materials and other services

  • To acquire and disseminate information on oil spills to Members

  • To represent the Petroleum Industry of Malaysia in oil spill matters

  • To promote interests in oil spill response as well as HSE

  • To do all such other things as are incidental or conducive to the above

  • To support Members and/or non-members responses to Tier-2 oil spills in Malaysia, including the EEZ.

  • To acquire, lease, maintain and operate oil spill response resources.

  • To review and enhance PIMMAG''s oil spill response capability

  • To co-operate with governmental efforts in oil spill clean ups

  • To provide OSR training assistance to Members